Be Your Own Biller's

EHR Clean-Up

Put my EHR skills to work on your EHR, without scheduling an appointment or spending time that could be spent elsewhere watching me comb through your virtual 'books'....

Sound familiar?

  • Do you avoid looking at your client's billing/account tab due to it feeling overwhelming and inaccurate?
  • Do you struggle with reconciling payments in your EHR?
  • Did you used to keep track of your outstanding insurance and client balances but lost track of it all?
  • Has a client met their deductible and you are unsure of what changes to make in your EHR?

You've used your electronic health record for insurance billing for a few months and now you've lost track of which claims are paid or outstanding, which clients owe you money, which clients have met their deductible, and well, suddenly it's a hot mess! 

Included In Every EHR Clean-Up Package

  • A 60-minute video on the changes made to your EHR in real-time so you can hear my thought process when cleaning-up.
  • A follow-up e-mail addressing the most commonly seen errors and tips on how to not make the same mistakes in the future.
  • A 30-minute recorded Zoom call to answer any specific questions that may have come up once you review my EHR changes.

The next steps:

    • Fill out the EHR Clean-Up Order Form and let me know about your practice, your EHR, and what you need the most help with EHR-wise. You can then purchase the EHR Clean-Up Package. I will send you a BAA which allows me to view your client information and keeps you in HIPAA-compliance.
    • I'll reach out to you and let you know what information I will need from you (EHR login etc.)  
    • We will schedule a time for me to go in and clean-up when you will NOT be using your EHR.
    • I'll compile all of my notes and the video then invite you to view/download the files.
    • When you're ready, we will schedule the 30-minute Zoom call.

    Investment: $499