Demystify the credentialing process and jump start your insurance-based practice.

Insurance Credentialing Bootcamp is designed for clinicians who are brand new to insurance and need a roadmap on where to begin. 

    In this comprehensive course, Danielle will share with you how to take your practice from out-of-network to in-network with easy-to-follow steps.
    Each module also includes a Q&A session where a fellow clinician asks Danielle questions about the lesson so that you get further explanations to questions that may have came up for you.

    At the bottom of every module is a place where you can post your comments and questions and get them answered by Danielle. Bootcamp members' questions and answers will also be displayed for extra learning. 

    After completing this course...

    • You will know how to apply to the most popular panels in your area
    • You will be able to complete and attest your CAQH.
    • You will have tips so that you stay organized while applying to multiple panels
    • You will know how to change your marketing to attract clients for your new in-network insurance.

    Course Curriculum

      Danielle will guide you through eight modules of video materials:

      Module #1 Pros and Cons of Accepting Insurance in Your Private Practice

      On the fence about accepting insurance in your private practice? Some of the pros and cons are discussed.


      Module #2 Preparing for Credentialing

      Learn what you will need in order to meet insurance company credentialing requirements such as an NPI, malpractice insurance, and more.


      Module #3 CAQH

      CAQH is explains and tips are shared on how to complete your profile quickly and accurately. It also includes a walkthrough of Danielle's CAQH set-up for her solo and group practices.


      Module #4 Applying to Panels

      Danielle shares how to find popular panels to apply to in your area and how to go about applying to them.


      Module #5 Credentialing Tips and Tricks

      Danielle shares her BYOB insider tips and tricks for staying organized as you apply to insurance panels.


      Module #6 Contracting Process

      Congratulations! You received an insurance contract! Danielle will go over what to review in your contract, requesting fee schedules, and executing your contract.


      Module #7 Once Credentialed...

      Learn what to do once you are credentialed to start attracting clients that want to use their insurance. Find out what your options are so that you can begin billing insurance as an in-network provider.


      Module #8 Switching Credentialing When Leaving A Group Practice

      Already credentialed through a group practice? Learn how to switch your credentialing from your former group practice to your new practice.


      Also included in the course are downloadable PDFs to aid you in your credentialing (a $45+ value!):

      Your Instructor

      Danielle Kepler

      Hi! I'm Danielle, I own my own solo private practice (soon to be group!) in Chicago and am also the owner/head insurance guru at Be Your Own Biller. Since starting my own practice in May 2015, I have paneled with over 45+ insurance companies/EAPs and do all of my own insurance verification and billing. When I first started in solo practice, I did not know anything about credentialing or billing! I picked up tidbits from other clinicians here and there, but was mostly self-taught. I soon realized I had a knack for credentialing and billing and decided to help other clinicians learn the process.

      When I first started out, I did not have the means to hire someone to credential or bill for me and set out to do it myself. It is my hope that with these courses, clinicians will feel empowered to embark on the insurance journey without needing a long-term credentialing or billing service.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      • Q.When does the course start and finish?

        A.The course starts when you purchase it and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

      • Q.How long do I have access to the course?

        A.After enrolling, you have lifetime access to the course.

      • Q.What if I have questions along the way with credentialing?

        A.You can comment on each module when you have more specific questions. Danielle will approve the comment and answer to the best of her ability. Your comment will also be made public so other people enrolled in the course can benefit.

      • Q.I just need the information in one module, can I have access to one module?

        A.The course is sold as a complete package, meaning your purchase will give you access to all of the modules. They are meant to build upon each other. The modules are currently not sold individually.

      Purchase now for $149--less than a 1 hour consultation and so much more information.