Package Pricing

**Prices shown reflect virtual sessions and for 1:1 training.

Virtual sessions are recorded upon and you will receive a recording of the session to review as needed. 

Please contact me for in-person rates and group rates.

Listed below are examples of what can be covered. Each package is tailored to your individual needs. 

Training is not limited to clinicians!

I can train your office/administrative staff on how to credential and bill so you can keep your support in-house. 

Think of this as a short-term investment for a long-term profit.
The “teach a man to fish” mentality if you will.
A few hours can set your practice up for a “lifetime” of success. 

  • “Pick My Brain!”
  • $150
  • One Hour
  • This one hour ‘pick my brain’ session is great for those with a few questions they would like answered.
  • Let’s talk about setting up your practice to accept insurance.
  • Trouble shooting a few claims
  • Test out my services and get a lot accomplished in an hour
  • Get answers to a few specific credentialing and billing questions.
  • And MORE!
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  • “Credentialing/Billing Pro”
  • $275
  • Two Hours
  • This two hour package is great if you are fairly comfortable in the insurance world.
  • Get guidance on how to accurately and quickly verify benefits
  • Get help understanding and explaining tricky insurance benefits to clients (co-insurance? mental health carve outs? out of network?)
  • Tips to stay organized and reconcile payments
  • Double check your first claims before billing.
  • And MORE!
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  • “Credentialing/Billing Intermediate”
  • $400
  • Three Hours
  • This three hour package is great if you have started the credentialing and billing process but need more support in the beginning stages.
  • Want guidance on how to set-up your CAQH and gather what you need for insurance applications
  • Brainstorm which panels would be best for you to apply to and get you started on applying to them.
  • We can go through how to get your EHR set-up so you can bill with ease.
  • We can walk you through getting contacted by your first client that wants to use insurance that you now accept.
  • And MORE!
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  • “New to the Insurance World”
  • $525
  • 4 hours
  • This four hour package is perfect for those brand new to taking insurance in their practice.
  • Help from start (CAQH) to finish (getting paid)
  • Support when applying to panels and negotiating rates
  • Guidance from initial phone call with a client to billing
  • Verifying benefits and relaying information to clients
  • And MORE!
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Any additional time spent will be subject to my hourly rate of $150. 

Hourly packages can be used all at once or split up to use as needed (also to prevent information overload!)

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