Are You Overwhelmed About The Whole Insurance Process?

The Process Does Not Have To Be More Difficult Than Applying to Graduate School!

Let Us Help You Make Sense Of It All!

Insurance credentialing and billing seem like daunting processes with a great deal of paperwork and back and forth. It does not have to be! The paneling process doesn’t have to be worse than applying to graduate school if you know how to keep organized and when to follow-up.  Billing can take you minutes a day if you know how to do it in an effective manner. I will teach you all I’ve learned!

  • Insurance Paneling/Credentialing

    • Learn how to set up your CAQH
    • Tweak your resume for insurance paneling
    • Applying to popular panels in your area
    • Help to request and fill out insurance panel applications
    • Leaving your old group and unsure of how to switch your insurance paneling/credentialing to your solo practice? That’s my jam!
  • Training and problem solving for insurance billing and claims

    • How to verify insurance for mental health coverage
    • Learn the basics of billing (CPT codes, what to include on an insurance claim)
    • How to set up your EHR or clearinghouse for electronic billing
    • How to follow-up on claims and get paid as soon as possible
  • Streamlining the business side of your practice!

    • Keeping track of outstanding claims
    • Streamline and organize your insurance payments
    • How to market to attract clients who want to use their insurance benefits

Still Think It Can’t Be Done without Hiring a Biller?

  • By being on multiple panels, my practice was full in 3 months of opening and I had a wait list! The referrals do NOT stop and I have had no ‘slow season!’
  • Billing takes me up to 5 minutes a day (I average around 6 clients a day and always bill the same date of service)!
  • I keep track of all my payments and pending claims!
  • I verify all of my client’s insurance benefits and tell them their fees prior to their first session!
  • I handle all incoming referrals and my own scheduling myself!
  • I have to talk to insurance companies at most 1 hour tops a month!
  • My practice is 99% paper free!
  • Due to not using a billing company I keep 100% of my profits!
  • AND I still have a life and my sanity (for now!)

I still don’t buy it! The whole insurance process seems like a nightmare!

I don’t believe you! I NEED to hire a biller NOW!!!

Ok, Ok, I get that this all can be SCARY, but at least you should know a bit about credentialing and billing!

Why? Because billers get sick or go on vacation or quit! What will you do if your biller doesn’t work out and you are left stranded with no idea how to bill yourself?

This is your livelihood we are talking about!
Like Oprah always said, Always sign your own checks!

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